Cyber Security

It’s only a matter of time before your company becomes a target of cyber crime. It doesn’t always have to be a data breach on your server and the theft of sensitive information – but even a virus can disrupt your company’s operations.

Lack of preparation meets negligent aftercare

Unfortunately, many companies do not worry about the consequences of a cyber attack until it is already too late. There are obligations in dealing with customer data that are not adhered to in most companies – in the event of a data loss, the explanation then becomes difficult. This is especially the case if no data protection officer was appointed and properly equipped. In this case, there is then the additional threat of state fines in the five-digit range. And even if precautions are taken, they are too often not aligned with other business areas.

Do you know when you, as a manager, need to notify your customers that your data has been stolen? Have you effectively excluded liability to your customers for the consequences of a cyber attack? Are you insured against the internal and external damages of a cyber attack?
By the way: as a managing director, you have an organisational duty here. You have to check the damage scenario of a cyber attack and take precautions. An IT infrastructure that is down for a week can easily plunge a company into liquidity problems – as soon as this is recognised, the risk must be insured and technical precautions must be taken, otherwise the managing director may also face personal liability.

Cyber defence only works as a team

Dreyfield & Partner effectively coordinates the individual components. The IT services are shielded in the best possible way against cyber attacks and meet all legal requirements. Legal advice determines how liability can be effectively excluded or limited vis-à-vis customers and suppliers in the event of a cyber attack. Finally, the insurance area helps you to check which residual risks are insurable. These areas are strongly intertwined – insurance premiums naturally decrease if good protection of the data as well as the legal consequences can be identified.

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